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Important Info About Hurricane Impact Windows

13 Jan

If you’re relying upon hurricane impact windows (either new or replacement) for protection from storm impacts or as a deterrent against smash & grab break-ins, the following information is for you. If you’re considering having new windows installed in your home, office or church you may want to read on, as well.
The term “impact resistant” is used to identify any window that has been tested to The State of Florida hurricane testing standards and has been determined that after it breaks, it will be able to remain attached to the window frame in which it was originally manufactured, during a typical, tropical weather event. If you purchased impact rated windows with the assumption that these were going to be the last windows that you would ever have to buy, here’s the rest of the story.

Having windows labeled as “impact resistant” installed means that these windows:

  • will still break just like any other window – they will simply not get blown away afterwards
  • are not “hurricane proof” nor will they survive or withstand a large missile impact without breaking
  • will shatter and shower the inside of the room and its occupants with shards and slivers of sharp glass when impacted (No, they aren’t “shatterproof” either)
  • are no better than any other window at preventing water leakage during a tropical weather event

You see, the term “impact resistant” or “impact rated” doesn’t mean that the windows won’t break or are resistant to breakage. The truth is that these windows will still break and will need to be replaced.

When this happens you will be required to:

  • clean-up a mess of broken glass
  • clean up and repair of any water damage that has occurred
  • purchase new windows and pay for installation
  • schedule your time around the window salespeople appointments
  • schedule your time around the installation crew for installation appointments and call-backs
  • deal with the inconvenience and worry of having strangers tramping through your home

There is a better way!

Putting the crystal clear protection of flat polycarbonate shutters over your impact resistant windows (or any windows, for that matter) will give you the peace of mind that you’ve done your best to protect that substantial investment that you made for your home. They will put an end to all of the problems listed above that are the result of window breakage.

Flat polycarbonate shutters will not only protect against window breakage without distorting your view of the outdoors, but they also:

  • provide sound insulation – your home will be noticeably quieter
  • provide thermal insulation – lower energy consumption means smaller monthly bills and reduce the strain on your HVAC system components
  • filter UV rays – these are the rays that cause the components of your windows to get old prematurely
  • stop wind-driven rainwater from reaching your window – no more “towel patrols” during tropical rain storms to sop up the water leaks
  • eliminate the “dungeon effect” that comes with any opaque form of hurricane protection
  • are Good looking – no other hurricane shutter looks as good as Evolution shutters
  • Are nearly invisible from the street – if you’re a seasonal resident or spend a lot of time away from home, no one driving by will be able to tell that your home is unoccupied and an easy target for a break-in

Simply stated, impact rated windows are a good 2nd line of defense against storm damage or smash & grab break-in attempts but they won’t hold up to repeated attacks. Once they are broken your protection is limited until they get replaced. Using flat polycarbonate shutters (like the ones manufactured by Evolution Hurricane Shutters) will protect ANY window against breakage from flying storm debris, smash & grab break-in attempts, accidental breakage from ladders or other home maintenance tools, rocks propelled from lawn maintenance equipment, BBs, pellets, stones or bricks from vandalism – AND they’ll do it again and again, WITHOUT BREAKING. Evolution shutters are the only protection that your windows will ever need from these events – PERIOD!

Protect your window investment, your family and property by making Evolution shutters your first line of window defense against the outside world. Evolution Hurricane Shutters- “The rEvolution in hurricane protection.”

Visit www.evolutionhurricaneshutters.com and see why they’re called “the hurricane shutters that don’t look like hurricane shutters”.


Protecting Your Impact (or non-impact) Window Investment

5 Dec

Don’t be misinformed and possibly make a high-dollar mistake about hurricane impact windows. If you think that you can buy (or have already bought) unbreakable hurricane impact windows, you may want to watch this Youtube video:


This video shows how EVERY hurricane impact-rated window is tested for a large missile impact and it also shows how EVERY window breaks – none survive!

At this point you might be confused about window strength, so let me tell you right now that there is no such thing as a “hurricane proof” window. Anyone who tells you differently is either ignorant of the facts or just plain dishonest. No matter what name it has attached to it, any glass window is going to break and will then require the mess, expense and inconvenience of being replaced. Although you may have been led to believe that you will no longer need your hurricane shutters, hurricane shutters are your first line of defense against window damage. It may have even been suggested that you sell your current hurricane shutters to help offset the high cost of new impact windows (implying that they are no longer needed). Hurricane impact windows are great as a second layer of protection from storms, accidents or vandals, but their replacement cost is so high that relying upon them as your first line of defense from a hurricane or smash & grab break-in isn’t economically acceptable – especially if you have had more than one incident. If you are buying new windows, make sure that they are sized so that you can still use your old shutters to protect them.

A good, quality impact-rated window can cost as much as 3 times or more of what you would normally spend on a non-rated window. There are plenty of less expensive ones out there but if you want a window that is going to last for the life of the home, a lower quality window won’t get you there. Hurricane impact windows are expensive to buy and just as expensive to replace when they get broken. Unless you want to buy your hurricane windows TWICE, don’t leave them unprotected!

Also it’s a good idea not to rely on your insurance company to pay for your broken impact windows, either. There are many policies on the market that won’t pay for the cost of impact window replacement – only the cost of a regular window and you are left picking up the difference. Check with your agent and be sure of your coverage! Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Evolution shutters are designed to protect ANY window from breakage and look good while they do it. They offer the homeowner benefits that other forms of window protection can only dream about.

Watch this Youtube video to see how well an Evolution shutter holds up to a hammer attack:


Evolution shutters offer repeated protection impact after impact, storm after storm, year after year WITHOUT BREAKING!! That’s right, our shutters protect your home storm after storm, season after season and you won’t need to wait for repairs or replacement to keep your home protected. While others will be on a long waiting list for window replacement, you’ll be ready for the next storm. Ask anyone who suffered through the hurricane season of 2004 how long they had to wait for replacement windows – most waited MONTHS – not days or weeks. Much of the water damage came from the rainstorms that happened from the tropical rainstorms that occurred while they waited for their replacement windows.

Besides providing superior impact protection, our shutters also make your existing windows quieter and more energy efficient. They also protect them from the sun and weather so that your current windows will last longer. This is especially important if you have wood windows that are clad with aluminum or PVC and are concerned about moisture getting to your windows and rotting them from the inside-out. It’s also important for those of you who purchased windows constructed of PVC (vinyl plastic). Sunlight is the enemy of plastic and windows constructed of this material normally have a life expectancy of only 20-30 years. This isn’t a problem for those who don’t plan on keeping their home that long, but the next purchaser of the house may well use this fact as a negotiating tool to get a lower price on the home or get an allowance that will pay for new windows. Look at it this way………let’s say you are looking to purchase a home that had new windows installed 10 years ago – would you pay top dollar for it knowing that it was going to need $20,000.00 or more worth of new impact windows in 10 years??

Our shutters also reduce the need for annual maintenance and also keep wind and rain away from your windows. There’s no chance of major water leakage during a storm, either.Also, that earlier video you saw where the window was hurricane tested?….keep in mind that window companies are only required to test NEW windows. None of them test PVC windows that have been installed for 10 years to see how strong they are as they age.

If you don’t have the ability to service and maintain your windows every year to keep the warranty in force, maybe those new windows aren’t for you. Many new window warranties require the homeowner to perform annual maintenance on the windows after the first year so check your warranty closely. Simply protecting your current windows from the elements might be a better, less expensive option.

Probably the most exciting feature of our shutters is how they look. They don’t make your home look like a public storage facility or closed automotive repair shop and there’s no “dungeon effect”, claustrophobia concerns or even simple distortion with our shutters. That’s because it’s crystal clear – that’s right – clear as glass with no distortion.You see exactly what is outside. There are no wavy lines to look through or around. And anyone looking at your home from the street won’t even see them because they blend right in and match the shape and size of your windows – even the color can be matched.

Camera pics 091

Visit evolutionhurricaneshutters.com and see more videos, pictures and find out more facts and information. See why Evolution shutters are called “The hurricane shutter that doesn’t look like a hurricane shutter.” They are the best form of crystal clear impact protection available – PERIOD!

When your hurricane protection professional or window salesperson calls on you, insist on the crystal clear strength of Evolution Hurricane Shutters over your windows. It’s clearly the best way to protect your home, family, property and window investment. Give us a call or fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website to schedule a free estimate.

Evolution Hurricane Shutters – “The rEvolution in Hurricane Protection.”