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Important Info About Hurricane Impact Windows

13 Jan

If you’re relying upon hurricane impact windows (either new or replacement) for protection from storm impacts or as a deterrent against smash & grab break-ins, the following information is for you. If you’re considering having new windows installed in your home, office or church you may want to read on, as well.
The term “impact resistant” is used to identify any window that has been tested to The State of Florida hurricane testing standards and has been determined that after it breaks, it will be able to remain attached to the window frame in which it was originally manufactured, during a typical, tropical weather event. If you purchased impact rated windows with the assumption that these were going to be the last windows that you would ever have to buy, here’s the rest of the story.

Having windows labeled as “impact resistant” installed means that these windows:

  • will still break just like any other window – they will simply not get blown away afterwards
  • are not “hurricane proof” nor will they survive or withstand a large missile impact without breaking
  • will shatter and shower the inside of the room and its occupants with shards and slivers of sharp glass when impacted (No, they aren’t “shatterproof” either)
  • are no better than any other window at preventing water leakage during a tropical weather event

You see, the term “impact resistant” or “impact rated” doesn’t mean that the windows won’t break or are resistant to breakage. The truth is that these windows will still break and will need to be replaced.

When this happens you will be required to:

  • clean-up a mess of broken glass
  • clean up and repair of any water damage that has occurred
  • purchase new windows and pay for installation
  • schedule your time around the window salespeople appointments
  • schedule your time around the installation crew for installation appointments and call-backs
  • deal with the inconvenience and worry of having strangers tramping through your home

There is a better way!

Putting the crystal clear protection of flat polycarbonate shutters over your impact resistant windows (or any windows, for that matter) will give you the peace of mind that you’ve done your best to protect that substantial investment that you made for your home. They will put an end to all of the problems listed above that are the result of window breakage.

Flat polycarbonate shutters will not only protect against window breakage without distorting your view of the outdoors, but they also:

  • provide sound insulation – your home will be noticeably quieter
  • provide thermal insulation – lower energy consumption means smaller monthly bills and reduce the strain on your HVAC system components
  • filter UV rays – these are the rays that cause the components of your windows to get old prematurely
  • stop wind-driven rainwater from reaching your window – no more “towel patrols” during tropical rain storms to sop up the water leaks
  • eliminate the “dungeon effect” that comes with any opaque form of hurricane protection
  • are Good looking – no other hurricane shutter looks as good as Evolution shutters
  • Are nearly invisible from the street – if you’re a seasonal resident or spend a lot of time away from home, no one driving by will be able to tell that your home is unoccupied and an easy target for a break-in

Simply stated, impact rated windows are a good 2nd line of defense against storm damage or smash & grab break-in attempts but they won’t hold up to repeated attacks. Once they are broken your protection is limited until they get replaced. Using flat polycarbonate shutters (like the ones manufactured by Evolution Hurricane Shutters) will protect ANY window against breakage from flying storm debris, smash & grab break-in attempts, accidental breakage from ladders or other home maintenance tools, rocks propelled from lawn maintenance equipment, BBs, pellets, stones or bricks from vandalism – AND they’ll do it again and again, WITHOUT BREAKING. Evolution shutters are the only protection that your windows will ever need from these events – PERIOD!

Protect your window investment, your family and property by making Evolution shutters your first line of window defense against the outside world. Evolution Hurricane Shutters- “The rEvolution in hurricane protection.”

Visit www.evolutionhurricaneshutters.com and see why they’re called “the hurricane shutters that don’t look like hurricane shutters”.